Why United Advisors?

United Advisors Investment Management Platform helps advisors deliver truly customized solutions and retirement income services to clients through a proprietary investment management and back office support platform. Our technology allows advisors to develop investment solutions customized to each client’s risk, tax, cash flow and social needs. In addition, it will automate many back office and administrative tasks associated with holistic wealth management services.

UAIM Program

The UAIM Program utilizes the best in class overlay portfolio management systems (OPM) from Adhesion Wealth Advisory Solutions and Envestnet. These platforms offer manager due diligence, assistance in evaluating separate account managers, providing access to a range of strategists and investment disciplines. The UAIM Program allows advisors to choose from an array of management platforms including Advisor as Portfolio Manager, SMA programs, Mutual Fund and ETF Strategist Programs and UMA.

Mutual Fund and ETF Strategist Program

The Mutual Fund and ETF Strategist Program, in association with the technology provided by Envestnet, provides access to Strategists and Model Portfolios. Features in this program include professional money management, trade signals, performance reporting, and associated services and support (such as trading, reconciliation, fee calculation, etc.).

Advisor as Portfolio Manager Program

Advisor as Portfolio Manager Program (also referred to as “Rep as Portfolio Manager” or “Rep as PM”) provides advisors with modeling and diagnostic tools to enable them to manage portfolio model portfolios for their clients. This Program includes Performance Reporting and an on-line, web-based proposal generator and IPS which includes a Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, Investment Policy Statement and recommended Asset Allocation. Other tools include rebalancing, drift tolerance controls, and system-generated alerts related to style drift and ability to tax harvest.

Separately Managed Accounts Program

This traditional Separately Managed Account Program utilizes Envestnet’s manager due diligence and assistance in evaluating and providing access to a range of managers and investment disciplines. The SMA Program includes professional money management, manager due diligence, performance reporting, tax loss and sensitivity overlays, and associated services and support (such as trading, reconciliation, fee calculation, etc.).

Create model portfolios, trade, tax harvest and rebalance.


The United Advisors Investment Management platform simplifies your business, offering features such as:


Auto-Rebalancing Tools

Model Portfolio Creation and Management

Single Consolidated Account

Lower Account Minimums



Custodial Options


Advisor Business Conversion

Advisors may need or want to change the product mix or asset allocation for some clients during the transition process. For taxable portfolios, this can create a tax burden. To help control the tax impact of transitioning portfolios, UAIM offers its Portfolio Transition Management (PTM) service. PTM allows the advisor and client to control the tax and risk trade-offs through the use of tax mandates – limits on the amount of capital gains the client is willing to realize. A member of our ABC team will work closely with you to analyze each client’s situation and tax sensitivities while developing customized PTM proposals. You and your client simply instructs us not to realize more than a specified amount of short-term or long-term capital gains, and we will customize the transition process for each client’s portfolio, balancing the impact of taxes against the risk associated with continuing to hold certain assets.


Advisor Business Conversion is a key program for:

  • Advisors who want to transition assets onto a customizable, managed-money platform
  • Independent advisors looking to convert new assets held at another custodian due to acquisition or recruiting efforts
  • Advisory firms desiring to tranition existing assets to a more flexible, cost effective managed-money program
  • Newly independent advisors wanting to provide comparable platforms to HNW and UHNW clients

Our Staff

Darin Pope

Chief Investment Officer

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Darin Pope is Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer. With over 20 years of experience in financial services, Darin Pope has spent most of his career as both portfolio manager and financial advisor. Combining an appreciation for securities analysis as well as client and advisor relationships, he has managed portfolios and developed communication strategies for both audiences.

Darin has earned the CFP® and CFA designations as well as an MBA – continually striving to acquire the knowledge necessary to serve clients with complex financial needs. He is a past President and current Chairman of the Financial Planning Association of Northern New England (FPANNE) and a past board member of the Financial Planning Association of New Jersey (FPANJ). He is also the past President of the Vermont CFA Society, a group of professionals and portfolio managers dedicated to maintaining high industry standards for professionalism and ethics.

Darin has earned the Series 7, 24, 53, 63, and 65 registrations and has secured his life and health insurance licenses. After receiving his Bachelors degree in Economics from Bates College, studying comparative economics in Eastern Europe and Russia as well as economic policy in Washington, DC. He subsequently attended Boston University, where he earned his Masters in Business Administration.

Darin served in Mali, West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer and has remained quite active on nonprofit boards in the communities he has lived. In Burlington, Vermont he served on the boards of the Champlain Senior Center, March of Dimes Vermont Chapter, and the First Night Burlington.

Darin enjoys adventure travel – including hiking, snorkeling, kayaking and dog-sledding. He has hiked up Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas, has bungee-jumped 44 stories into a New Zealand canyon, taken a motorized hang-glider around the volcanoes of Hawaii, dogsled across the arctic island of Svalbard, and crossed the Sahara. He and his wife, Sharon, live in Rye, NH.

Steven Rosner

Advisor Management Consultant

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Steve Rosner is the Advisor Management Consultant for United Advisors. In this capacity, Steve works with both existing advisors at the firm, and also new advisors transitioning to United Advisors, in both utilizing and integrating various platforms and capabilities available to them into their business.

Before joining United Advisors in February, 2011, Steve spent 24 years as a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch. At Merrill Lynch, Steve developed a successful practice helping clients structure balanced portfolios utilizing individual stocks, ETF’s, and fixed income securities. He has licenses in both the series 7 and 63.

Steve has an economics degree from Southern Connecticut State University. He lives in Northern New Jersey with his wife Anne.

Expansive Access to SMA, Third Party Strategists and United Advisors Strategists.

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